painting of wave, water, sea, white caps, atlantic, new england
oil on linen
40 x 30
painting of chappaquiddick, tidal marsh, marthas vineyard, lowlands
oil on linen
painting of waves, sea, new england, whitecaps, atlantic ocean
oil on linen
38 x 28
painting of catboat, twilight, martha's vineyard, chappaquiddick, beach house, secondhome
oil on linen
48 x 28
painting of asian vessels, ginger jars, blue-on-white, ceramics, china
oil on lnen
30 x 44
painting of steamship, wakes, martha's vineyard, nantucket
oil on linen
30 x 20
painting of crayfish, seafood, food, kitchen art
Oil on Linen
20 x 30
Painting of beach house door, view to the outside, turquoise, Victorian
oil on linen
30 x 40
painting of sail, rigging
24 x 36
painting of maiko, geisha, japanese head dress, kimono
oil on Linen
32 x 24
painting of windup toys, pharmacueticals, whimsical
oil on linen
14 x 22
painting of vietnamese lanterns
oil on linen
48 x26
painting of sunset light on beach and water, Martha's Vineyard
oil on linen
20 x 36